Sunday, October 26, 2008

Clarissa and Richard vs. Clarissa and Sally

"...they had kissed or not kissed, they had certainly argued..." (pg. 52)

In this sentence, Cunningham again brings shows the contrast between the relationship Clarissa once had with Richard (and may have had for the rest of her life) and the relationship she now has with Sally. In this sentence, Cunningham makes it clear that the argument was the piece that mattered. Cunningham does not make it clear whether she and Richard kissed or not because the argument is the important part. Clarissa and Richard's relationship was more volatile and uncertain, but Clarissa thinks on how she felt much more alive during her relationship with Richard. On the other side of things, her relationship with Sally is a good relationship, but it makes Clarissa feel old and boring. There is no spark the way there would have been with Richard and this is seen as a bad thing. Cunningham makes it very clear that liveliness and true feeling should outweigh comfort and stability.

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